Web development is our core competency at Hexamind Technologies, a software development company in Mohali. To develop that optimum solution, we work in tandem with the client and their competitors to bring out the best. Our team of dedicated and experienced developers make it happen for us.

Analyzing Business
Effective analysis of business requirements from the clients helps us chalk out a structured workflow. We focus our efforts in understanding the requirements and then constantly strive to bring together all innovations, ideas, new technologies to create unparalleled IT solutions for the client.
Competitive Solutions
At Hexamind, we want to hone our skills with the latest technologies and create the best development center in India. We are proud to have followed our dreams aggressively as they lead us closer to achieving our vision. Our team of experts are competent enough to provide the best and competitive solutions to diverse industry base.
Assuring Quality
We promise to provide quality in all our development projects. Our technical and quality assurance team work together to bring out the best end product for the esteemed clients. We adhere to the standard Quality norms and procedures to deliver a defect free robust solution. Hexamind Technologies strives hard to release the projects with no bugs in the estimated time frame.


We are a team of dedicated and technically abreast individuals. Our aim is to provide a end to end enterprise and desktop solutions to all our clients with a commitment of best quality and using the latest technologies.

Best Management

The management team at all level takes the ownership of delivering the quality product to the clients. Each team is lead by competent managers who are aware of the latest developments at the industry level and guide their team accordingly in developing the robust and bug free solution. The leads of each team keep updating their managerial skills by continuous trainings provided by the organization.

Dedicated team

We have a dedicated team of professionals who are an expert in their individual domains. Our employees are abreast with the latest technologies in their specific fields. Our daily scrums help each team member to understand the processes being followed by various departments.

Quality deliverables

At Hexamind, the strict quality process ensures a defect free reliable deliverable to our clients. We follow a holistic approach during the development life cycle. The development team and the quality assurance team work together to achieve the target in an organized manner.

24/7 Support

At Hexamind, we are committed to serve our clients 24*7. Our team of experts are available in case if any support is required by the client. We are committed for a certain period of technical support to our clients and the team tries its best to provide a complete solution whenever required.


Hexamind Technologies, a privately held software development outsourcing firm excels in delivering high quality and timely deliverable at the right price. The qualified experts of our company make us one of the leading companies in outsourced software development. At Hexamind, we believe in quality deliverable at the most cost-effective rate and in the stipulated time frame.

Hexamind vouches to shape your business ideas into your desired goal with the help of its experienced support systems. Our development, quality and the support team work hard to make your dreams come true. We promise to use the latest technologies for the development. At Hexamind, each assignment is important and we do not give up till we feel that the work done is the best we could do for our client. Our management team shares the best ideas and visions with the client trying to achieve their goals and deliver the projects.

Our customer's satisfaction is our goal. We believe in co-innovation, which means that our team of experts discuss the ideas with the customers and work hard to develop the desired program. Our vision is to identify the best possible method to satisfy our clients. Hexamind Technologies, a team of experts with innovative ideas strive together to serve our customers/clients with good quality product and unparalleled IT solutions. We are proud to have experts who are constantly creating the path to achieve our vision and updating their technical knowledge base to suit the ever-developing information technology arena.

Our Passion is to innovate - with latest technology!!

Hexamind Technologies has a single goal - services that focus on real value for our clients. We are a solution provider that create value for our clients. We understand your requirement and have the expertise and creative know-how to deliver the results. Using the latest technology coupled with creative approach to successfully achieve our goal is our aim.

Website design is the prima facie you create on the prospective client’s mind. It ought to be designed by diligent and creative bunch of professionals.

In today's high paced changing world, every business and enterprise solutions need to have a strong and stable web presence. A structured, clean and thorough website helps in leaving an impact. We, a website development company in the heart of Mohali, understand the basic requirements of the client and give our 100 percent in developing a class apart website. We understand that the website plays a very crucial role to survive in this competitive world. In order to increase the market share and develop business at high pace, a systematic website plays a big role.

Website designing is one of our prime domains at Hexamind Technologies. Our team of experts in the domain try to excel in all the client assignments. Our website development professionals recognize the value of solid information, architecture, design and integrative branding that engages the customer from the first stop at your site. Our efforts are focused to the speedy and quality delivery while keeping in mind the cost factor.

The neutral color palette and readable font are the two very important aspects of our web site designing. We understand that using a color scheme matching the logo gives a good visual effect of the website.

A good and well-developed website is the curtain raiser to your organization. Your company’s credibility is showcased by the website it has.

Website development is one of the main responsibility we undertake as a team. Our development and analytical team understands the core competency of our client and then work towards developing a website that speaks a fortune at one instance.

Navigation, brand consistency, reading patters, and SEO are few of the main points we keep in mind while developing and designing our client’s website. Web Development certainly has a very high importance today, primarily because of the sheer size of the Internet. The number of online users is increasing at an astronomical rate every year.

Today, there are umpteen options to choose from for any business for the customers. So, how will you choose from so many options? You surely cannot visit the office of each and every business startup. Here is where the information technology solves your problem. You can browse the websites of various development companies by sitting in comfort of your home and shortlist the companies based on their website.

We bring your brilliants software ideas to reality by giving you the best user interfaces that will make life easier.

Software development is one of our main forte. Our development and analytical team follows the strict SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) to develop any application or program. Hexamind Technologies focuses on commercial, custom and enterprise software development. We offer a broad range of IT consulting and custom programming services. Our software development team at Hexamind Technologies has a significant experience in satisfying the most special technical needs of our customers and understanding the importance of a balanced technical design.

The development program is split into different phases so that team can do justification to the requirements we get from the client. We have been working with a wide array of businesses in different verticals and across different geo-graphics, over the years and providing them solutions that work and address their business needs. We are proud to have experts who are constantly creating the path to achieve our vision.

At 'Hexamind', we are committed to identifying what is important to our clients, and then delivering it. We have built a reputation based on our values of quality, professionalism, integrity and over 90 per cent of our business comes from client referrals or repeat business. We pride ourselves on crafting the most appropriate solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction for all clients from day one.

We build intuitive mobile app designs for all platforms which are simple yet elegant.

The Mobile Application team at Hexamind ensures that the client requirements are transformed into the application that can be used anywhere and everywhere. The mobile friendly applications are developed with appropriate user interface and user experience. Our aim is to customize the mobile applications according to the current technical development in the industry so that our clients can make a brand image at any location.

Hexamind works with clients to extend their custom development and professional service offerings. We develop solutions that best meet business objectives of our clients and ensure long term value. Our solutions help you organize business and technology strategies cost effectively without compromising quality. Our developers think fast and code even faster, iterating as they go.

On any language you need, with any customizations you require, our mobile application developers always deliver. We deliver higher productivity, quality, and niche market for your app.

Managing bulky data becomes a hassle in large organisations. Our team at Hexamind will make it easier for you.

Database management (DBMS) is the system software for creating and managing databases in any organizations. Database is the backbone of every project. It is because of the DBMS that the end user can create, read, use, and delete (CRUD) any data during the development and operational process. It generally acts as a interface between the end user and the database.
The Database engineering team at Hexamind Technologies offers database design and management services to help your business grow and to create new efficiencies in your daily operations. From custom database design to flexible engineering, we have the expertise to deliver secure data management solutions for your company or organization. Our database team designs the client's database in a manner where the response time is reduced to minimal.

Social media marketing have became the utmost vital tool for business growth and our team excels in all aspects of social media services.

Social media services like Twitter, Facebook, and Google have been fundamental pillars for building social graphs, promoting the sharing of information, and fostering innovation. Social Media API enables developers to interact with the web site programmatically. The API provides a single stream of real-time search data aggregated from numerous social media properties.

The social media API integration helps in wider reachability and accessibility. The media posts, blogs, articles, comments and all essential elements can be easily integrated with renowned social networks by our experienced development team.

At Hexamind, every piece of social media content is complemented with advanced text analytics, related terms and many other tools. We provide error free API implementation, rich experience, flexibility for further development, and top quality customer service.

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Godiem is a world’s number one per diem resource for crew members and taxpayers who travel for business. Since their inception, it has maintained a singular focus to simplify the tax preparation while legally maximizing the travel expense deduction. Entering your trip information is simple and fast. They’ve also introduced industry exclusive apps for most major airline crewmembers that will automatically import the flight information to our website.




It is the HR Management Mobile Application in which it organizes the employees of different companies which further manages the personal detail, claims, attendance, leaves of employees, managed salary slips.


Fame Flight

Fame Flight

It is the Platform which provides opportunities to the talented artists by connecting them through the online to the likeminded people.




It is the HR Management Site in which it manages the employees of different companies which further manage the personal detail, claims, attendance, leaves of employees, managed salary slips.




Funding Savvy is a Venture capital database which compiles angel investors, private equity and venture capital firms with diversified tastes for industries. The database of FunDingSavvy is global which means that the investors are scattered around the world, in every form and shape. It also allows their customers to contact directly to the board of directors for each company.


Dog Bed And Breakfast

Dog Bed And Breakfast

It provides service to the dog owners in which they can keep their dogs in a safe and sound place whenever they are not available at home. The website also manages the expenses of the dog for the no of days they booked their stay.


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